Saturday, September 26, 2009

Machine Learning Protest at G20

I have returned to the blogosphere to report on our successful voicing of machine learning concerns at the G20 People's March yesterday.

(Top: "Support Vector Machines," "Repeal Power Laws," "End Duality Gap," "MapReduce, MapReuse, MapRecycle: Green Data Processing." Bottom: "Bayesians Against Discrimination"," "Free Variables," "Ban Genetic Algorithms")

Several CMU SCS grad students and postdocs gathered at CMU and walked to Oakland where the march was to begin. As we carried our signs the LOL:Puzzlement ratio decreased (but by no means disappeared) as the distance from CMU increased. Then we marched with the crowd towards dahntahn.

John Oliver of the Daily Show showed up.

At some point we realized we were walking in front of the United Steelworkers team, who were all wearing the same hard hats as me (my friend having snagged mine from the USW booth at Netroots Nation last month). Here I am with a USW comparing causes.

All in all it was a success. For full set of pictures, go HERE.

For publications related to machine learning activism, see "Data Mining Disasters: A Report" [pdf], from SIGBOVIK 2008; and "MapReuse and MapRecycle: Two More Frameworks for Eco-Friendly Data Processing" [pdf], of SIGBOVIK 2009.