Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Butterflies in Vegas

I'd like to take this opportunity to self-promote our talk, "Weighted Graphs and Disconnected Components", at KDD 2008 next week in Las Vegas. This is work from CMU, with Leman Akoglu and Christos Faloutsos. In it we look at some commonly overlooked features of social networks: "disconnected components", or the components that are not connected to the largest connected component; and weighted edges, edges formed through repeated or valued interactions. We also propose the "Butterfly model" to generate graphs that match some of these new properties, along with previously-established graph properties.

For those planning to attend KDD, it will be the third in the Social Networks Research session, on Monday morning (with a poster Monday evening). Even if I haven't convinced you to attend our talk, you will want to see the other talks in the session (one of which is reviewed by Akshay Java here). They'll include the usual suspects from Yahoo! Research and Cornell, plus a paper analyzing of Sprint's call network. It should be a fascinating couple of hours!

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Петко Богданов said...

I saw your talk. Good job. I will try to find you to chat about it. Nice T-shirt btw PhD comics, right ? :) Cheers