Monday, August 4, 2008

Memeorandum : Scandal : : Techmeme : ?

A few days ago, I posted that the top "most discussed" links on Memeorandum were related to scandal, violence, or both. Akshay suggested I do the same for Techmeme. His bid on the #1 discussed story was the Microsoft-Yahoo merger. For updates since September 2005, that turned out to be #2, and my bid, the Hans Reiser case, was nowhere close to the top.

So, what do Techmeme's sources *really* care about? Smartphones.

"Dear early adopters: Sorry we made iPhone available to the proles. Here's some iTunes. Love, Steve Jobs [smartphones] 152

Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! [acquisitions] 138

"Dear iTunes customers: No DRM-free music for you. Love, Steve Jobs [IP] 122

Macworld 2008 Keynote
[smartphones, gadgets] 121

Google announces Android [smartphones] 113

Digg tells DMCA to bug off
[IP] 112

Google on Microsoft's "hostile" bid for Yahoo! [acquisitions] 111

Google acquires Youtube [acquisitions] 107

Steve Jobs announces cheaper iPhone [smartphones] 104

Macworld 2007 (and announcement of the iPhone) [smartphones, gadgets] 101

Gadgets, with a smattering of IP and corporate bureaucracy. Spots 11-20 seem to be more of the same.

One thing that is worth noting is the "most discussed" story is a single link. So, if a number of news sites "split the vote" and have several discussion links apiece, the story may not surface in this list. With techmeme it is a little more obvious, since most bloggers seem to link to the official corporate press releases. With memeorandum, I'm trusting that preferential attachment (NYTimes and Washington Post dominate) makes it so the vote isn't split often enough to dramatically misrepresent reality.


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