Thursday, August 7, 2008

The male-female demographic in social media

Mike on Ads has a cool script to infer whether a user is male or female, based on browser history. If you have it analyze your history, it will give you a list of the sites you visited and the corresponding male:female ratio. He got the sites to poll from quantcast, but I can't tell if the demographics came from there as well. The numbers seem to be different when I plug them in, so I'm guessing he either used more/older data than what's currently up, or got it elsewhere.

Here are the ratios for various social media I plugged in, in order from "most male" to "most female":

Site M:F ratio
Digg 1.56
Flickr 1.15
Feedburner 1.11
Worldofwarcraft 1.08
Blogger 1.06
Youtube 1 0.96
Linkedin 0.94
Pandora 0.9
Facebook 0.83
Myspace 0.74
Livejournal 0.68

Twitter and Wikipedia didn't seem to be in the feature set. However, straight form quantcast it seems Twitter's ratio is 0.97 and Wikipedia's is 1.07. Quantcast also lists a ton of other demographic info, which is interesting to look at.


L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Interesting ratios....should something be inferred from this :)

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